Saturday, April 27, 2013

While in San Jose...

Grammie shared her Pirate's Booty with Elsa, 

sat in a big kids chair at Grammie's over lunch,

probably ate a succulent leaf,

learned from Nonnie about not eating plants,

took a bath in a laundry basket,

visited the meerkats at Happy Hollow,

drank Diet Coke,

realized she did not like Diet Coke,

 ate powdered donuts,

jumped on a staticky trampoline,

pooped behind trash cans like a hobo,

 reached for the stars with Auntie LeeAnn,

made faces at Auntie Jane's lovely albeit ginormous salad,

read "Where is Spot" probably 78 times with Nonnie,

and had a Mexican feast at Grammie's while wearing a hipster scarf bib.

Needless to say, she was very entertained and well taken care of while I was away in Miami. :)

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