Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy 4th!

We had a lovely little Independence Day here in Wrigley. Our neighbors across the street had a big potluck party that we to for a few hours and then headed over to Andy & Kim's for their party. A day full of good food, friends and fireworks!

This was E's patriotic outfit. I had a backup shirt that was navy blue with white stars, that she amazingly didn't need. I thought for sure we'd have a couple costume changes during the day, but she stayed pretty clean!

Kids love waving flags around and almost putting each other's eyes out.

I love it when Karen is around because then my arms get a rest. Elsie loved this pinwheel. We should have stolen it.

Elsa was a little unimpressed by the fireworks. They captured her attention but she wasn't squealing with joy like I thought she would. Maybe next year.

Suze took this one of Elsa, I love it so much. She does that tongue thing a lot and it melts hearts.

Henry was the only one at the party with sense. He kept saying "THIS IS REALLY DANGEROUS!" as the adults kept running through the fireworks.

Uncle Roger. A fingertip on the baby is about all he can handle.

WHOA cheeks!

And we discovered Elsie loves herself some watermelon. It's kind of the perfect baby snack, albeit a little messy. It kept her busy for awhile though!

Thanks for having us over friends! AMERICUH!!!

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