Sunday, July 15, 2012

Elsie's birthday party!

We had Elsa's birthday party today in our backyard and were joined by our parents, my brother, and some of Elsa's favorite people. I wish we could have thrown her a rager and invited everyone, maybe next year.

Our amazing friend Jana went to TOWN on Elsa's dessert station. It was so crazy sweet (get it!?) of her to offer to take this on, and it was so so perfect. The cake was a funfetti cake with ombre frosting and gold sprinkles, the cupcakes were lemon with strawberry frosting and a lemon strawberry curd on the inside, and to top it off, chocolate covered rice krispie treats and white chocolate covered marshmallows. DANG! Thank you Jana!!!

The water in the baby pool was a little on the cold side for Miss E (not Henry, he got right in) so we just dipped the toesies.

Meltdown before smash cake time:

All better.

 Nom nom nom...

Smash cupcake! Elsa loved the frosting, but didn't really go crazy on the cake. I think the 2 year birthday party smash cake will be epic though.

Fish face! (Elsa, not me)

Poor Elsie woke up on the morning of her party with a slight fever and wasn't feeling too hot all day, but she was a trooper and tried to hang through the whole party. We just gave her a bath and she crashed hard, sweet little party girl. Time to break out the wine...

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