Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy 1st birthday my sweet baby

I *cannot* believe we have a one year old. Our little Elsa turned the big 0-1 today, and got to celebrate it with her three grandparents, Uncle Jan, friend Brooke, Goddaddy Jerod, and of course her adoring parents and brothers.

The day started at 7:06 am when Elsa woke me up with her soft cry, precisely the exact hour and minute a year ago when she first crowned and sort of entered the world. Spooky!

We started her morning off with a little breakdancing and playing with toys.

Then did a little standing and practiced balancing. Jude took his first steps today (!!) so Elsa needs to start training right now to catch up.

Elvis checking out the pensive birthday girl.

Then she had a stare down with Tyr. Or Thor. Hard to tell from this angle.

She lost the staring war and decided to get into mischief with my sewing supplies instead.

A little later in the morning I was cleaning and organizing the pantry and someone got into a box of old stale meringues and shoved both in her mouth before I could protest. It was her birthday so I let her suck on them for awhile.

She's a big fan of meringues.

We opened some presents that the family brought down for her (thank you Lisa & Mark, Jen, Grammie, Linda & Dick, Nonnie, Marmie and Grampa!!) and one that came in the mail (thank you LeeAnn!!). One special gift was this turban my mom crocheted for Elsa. I told her we wanted to dress her up like a fortune teller for Halloween (or everyday, whatever) and she made this:

So cool!! It's made with sparkly blue yarn and is oh-so-chic on her. I'm pretty sure Mandy is calling dibs on it for Shalom as soon as E grows out of it.

We went to the park and swung a bit before dinner, and before the crazy rain storm that blew in. Freaky weather today in the LB!

The grandparents couldn't get enough of Miss E. She's changed a tiny bit since the last time they saw her in person.

Elsa must have been pooped from all the birthday excitement because she zonked out soon after her bath, allowing us to enjoy our homemade pizzas and a nice family dinner. We had to say goodbye to Brooke who flies back home tonight (sad face) but I'm so happy we got to have four awesome days together. Miss you already B.

The festivities will continue through the weekend and Elsie's birthday party is this Sunday. Just a small party with family and some close friends, and a whole lot of sugar. Happy birthday my little donut peach, we love you more than we ever thought possible and can't wait to watch you grow up. Hugs and keeses from your momma.

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