Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tyr's poo streaks

*art by the awesome Nathan Spoor

This post title was the title of the email Jeff got from our vet this week. We had to take in a shapoopie sample from the litter box to try to diagnose the problem that results in Tyr leaving dingleberries and poo streaks all over the house. Gross! The sample came back with a diagnosis of Giardia. Awesome. Treatable though, so we're back to squirting medication in their mouths. This time it's a thick toothpaste-like medicine that they are NOT happy about taking. At least it's just once a day for 5 days. Could be worse I guess.

Being this pretty sort of gives them a free pass to leave poo streaks all over the house.

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Carol said...

Chaching! chaching! $$$$ everytime you turn around. At least it's a minor thing and can be cured with meds. So sorry! Poo! UGH so sick of it! Not to mention the puke. At least
Elsa is adorable! They are wonderful cats and I know you love them.