Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year!

We rung in the new year in style (Jeff wore a tie!) at Andy & Kim's annual bash and had an awesome time with the baby and friends. Elsa was a doll and let mommy and daddy have fun.

She was in love with my necklace.

I neglected to mention one of the top 10 highlights of 2011 in my last post; Lynne moving back to California!! And like 10 miles away from us too no less. So of course it made the start of 2012 even more amazing to have one of my oldest and dearest friends there to celebrate with. Even if she's trying to steal my husband and baby.


Mandy and Seth looking smashing as usual...

And the next morning. Feeling good and getting use out of the Baby Bjorn Karen handed down to us. Elsa loved being in it and helping Jeff make us breakfast. This thing is going to get a lot of use. (P.S. We got fake tattoos at the house party next door the night before, so the panther Jeff is sporting on his neck in this photo is no longer on his neck)

What better way to start the new year than with ebelskivers, family, and 80 degree SoCal sunshine? It's going to be a good year...

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