Sunday, January 15, 2012

Recent acquisitions

Our annual conference that I organize is this Monday and Tuesday so I make it an annual event to treat myself to something pretty to wear to the meeting, to make it slightly more fun to look forward to. Elsa and I went shopping yesterday and I found this gem at Old Navy.

And if you can't make out that print, here's a close-up:

CATS! Uh, sold. It'll look fabulous with some black dress pants and red heels. Watch out Scientists.

Then for Elsa, because of course she needed a little something too, we got this stripes and chambray dress (H&M has a lame website. They have a ton of baby clothes in the store, and like 5 things on the website. The dress I bought her is shown on the website on a "model" but not for purchase. Dumb.):

I also got a new timepiece, because my old Swatch watch was falling apart and I grew tired of having to dig out my phone from my purse to tell the time. I was actually just looking for an excuse to buy one of the awesome new Swatch jellies. It was tough to pick a color, but I'm happy with the blue. It's kind of sparkly which you can't tell from the website. It was down to that, the mauvey pink, or the gray. I'm kind of shocked I didn't go with the gray actually. Look at me being colorful!

And lastly, some pretty notebooks to start the year off fresh. I love these notebooks and used them in my xmas gifts to friends. I got jealous so I bought another for me.

Shopping is fun!

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