Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Mickey pancakes with walnut eyes for you! My pops drove down this weekend (on the 1! Took forever...) to come and visit us over his birthday weekend. We had a great time. He came late on Friday so I made dinner (halibut with a sauteed orange and garlic radicchio- super tasty but we had the windows open and all of the alley cats smelled the halibut and came begging. We relented of course.). Saturday Jan came down to hang out and we went to get my dad his birthday present, an iPhone. We have since spent the weekend teaching him how to use it. Which was really his present, considering we didn't buy the phone! Our tech support and our love is what he gets. :)

We had pizza on 2nd street for lunch, and then italian again for dinner at our favorite, La Paralocchia in Long Beach. That place is awesome. Food coma ensued and we called it an early night. This morning was his actual birthday so we made a big breakfast here at home and Mandy and Seth, Jerod and Karen all came over to celebrate. We made croissants, walnut wheat pancakes with apricot syrup, scrambled eggs with bell peppers and onions, and lots of strong coffee and juice. It was the start we needed because then we went kayaking and paddlesurfing in the Huntington canals. The weather was warm and foggy but then it cleared up to blue skies and melting-skin sun. We were starving after the exertion so we went and got burgers for lunch. Dad had a double chili cheese artery clogger but he offset the heart attack by substituting a salad for fries. Admirable.

Dad has most of the pics on his camera so those will come later. I snapped a few gems.

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