Friday, September 25, 2009

Does Danish Modern go with Art Deco?

We might find out. Jeff and I put offer #9 on a historic art deco airstream style home in Mandy and Seth's Wrigley neighborhood this week and we're crossing our fingers. The price was reduced 40K putting it into our budget so we're hoping it's so style specific that it's scaring away all the other buyers. This house is not for the stylistically faint of heart. It's 1700 square feet (huge!) with a gorgeous dining room that would be perfect for our favorite piece of furniture, but it has crazy art deco pyramid details throughout. It's super unique and I'm inspired by the design challenges it presents. And I'm hoping we get it so the producers from Dexter that keep filming the show in Long Beach because it looks like Miami will knock on our door and ask if they can shoot a few episodes in it. OF COURSE! A girl can dream...

Still waiting to hear about the Barlin house too...tick tock tick.

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