Friday, September 25, 2009

Flowerz 4-EVA by Mandy & Liv

Now open for business! Mandy and I have started a floral design company. And by "company" I mean Mandy and I getting together and arranging LA flower mart flowers for a friend's wedding. We had a really good time doing the flowers for Matt and Jana's wedding in Camarillo last Saturday and realized it could be a super cool side venture until the economy picks up or gay marriage is legalized and then we'll do it full time and rake in the dough! We went to the flower mart on Friday and loaded up the Yaris with a ton of gorgeous flowers and plants and then spent the entire day cutting, arranging, drinking, bbqing pizza, more arranging, begging the boys for back massages and back cracks (note to self- get workbenches for "company") and then more arranging. We were so pleased with the end result though and luckily so were the bride and groom! More pictures of the wedding in the next post, this one is dedicated to fleurs...

Jana promised to send us the photographer's nice pictures of the arrangements which were all in vintage silver pieces. You know, for our company's portfolio.

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Mandy and Seth said...

umm, thanks for putting that picture in there where i look CRAZY!!!! haha! i need to vacuum my car, it still smells like weird flowers in there! there's probably a whole bunch shoved under the seat we forgot about!