Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Third one's the charm?

We thought to distract us from the looooong wait the probate attorney is making us go through on the Ianita house we would make another offer on another house. Why not!? I'm getting used to writing $3500 deposit checks. My checkbook register is looking pretty scary... glad they're not all getting deposited!

We put an offer on this other Lakewood home in a wonderful neighborhood, pretty much site unseen. We drove by it and were charmed and Noelle wrote up the offer the next day. It's tenant occupied unfortunately which makes it difficult to view, so we have to make a serious offer to be able to go inside. Odd but whatevs. We can always cancel it if we go inside and realize they had shady contractors come inside and divide up the 3 original bedrooms into 6 for people to cram into. That actually happened on a house we viewed this weekend so don't laugh and say "You're silly Liv." I am not.

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