Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy birthday Erika!

So, this blog really isn't about bragging, but I just wanted to let you all know that Jeff and I partied with Suzanne Sommers last Saturday. That's right. SUZANNE SOMMERS! Of Thighmaster and Step by Step fame! It was our dear friend Erika's 28th birthday and it happened to coincide with her aunt and uncle's summertime party at their beach front house in Malibu so they rolled her birthday party into it. Lah-tee-dah! It was SUCH an amazing party. 1) Because we finally got to see Erika, Zak, and Lauren who have been hiding out in LA all summer, 2) because there were super attractive waiters serving us 7 courses of gourmet mini-meals, 3) because the party was in the yard overlooking the ocean and it was a gorgeously warm summer evening, 4) they had valets to whisk away Sparkles so we didn't have to park far which was a concern because I wore my yellow silk wedding heels, and HELLO 5) Suzanne Sommers was there in addition to Elvis Presley's wife before Priscilla! Star-studded. Thanks for inviting us Linda and David (and Erika) and happy birthday darlin'!

These were the only pictures I took at the party because I didn't want to be all stalkarazzi with Suzanne. Ah well.

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