Saturday, August 29, 2009

Status update

This post is sort of more for me to keep track of our offers than to update all of you on our house hunt. So we submitted offers on the Palo Verde home first, got outbid. Submitted second offer on Ianita house. Were not outbid, but the bank didn't accept our higher offer because they had already countered and accepted another. Submitted third offer on Arbor house. Have yet to see the inside of the house, have yet to hear from the agent whether our offer is accepted (supposed to find out next Friday, will view the inside after that). Submitted fourth offer on Euclid house. Supposed to hear from the agent on Monday. I think. Another house came on the market today in one of our target neighborhoods, also a "subject to inspection" so we're putting in our offer tomorrow morning on it so we can see the inside. This will be offer #5.

Sheesh! That makes us sound desperate, doesn't it? We're really not... All of the houses we're putting offers in on we can either see ourselves in and love it, or we just want to see the inside of it and are basing our offer excitement purely on the neighborhood and size of the house. And it's just the nature of the game nowadays in this market. Everything is so much cheaper than it was several years ago so people are scrambling to scoop up a deal. Here are pics of the pending offers:
Arbor house:

Euclid house:

Barlin house:

Vote for your favorite!

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Brendan said...

Hi Liv,

I was checking out these house postings. Sounds pretty crazy. I guess that is how it goes.
I have to say though you might just turn out with the right one in the end. Evah and I's apartment here is like a grandmothers place with the furnishing, but it's actually really perfect for us for now. We feel lucky. Anyway, I liked the Arbor house the best, dang.