Friday, February 28, 2014

Beep beep! Derivery!

The IKEA kitchen came last Friday, 141 of 143 pieces delivered! It was stressful. At least Jeff took Elsa out to the park to play during the scheduled delivery time, it would have been a madhouse to have her underfoot while they stacked everything in the back room. When I bought the kitchen, the sales guy said to take the time and check in every piece on my receipt to ensure a complete delivery, so I pretty much did that. The delivery guys were super annoyed with me, and tried to tell me that I had 10 days to confirm everything was there, but I just gave them my best "I'm not an idiot" glare and went back to checking item numbers off my sales sheet. It took like 30 minutes, but I did a lot of it as they were bringing the stuff in, so they were waiting around maybe 10 minutes. I didn't feel bad.

I neglected to go through the box of individually packaged hardware bags that came with the delivery, because it was like 37 pieces and everything was under $7, so I figured if something was missing, it wasn't a huge deal. I didn't check them in while the guys were there because in those 10 minutes, we also got our rug delivered and our gorgeous kitchen faucet delivered so the doorbell kept ringing and I was overwhelmed. I checked the hardware box after they left and found out I got screwed out of two bags of hinges, but they're only a few bucks and I already called IKEA and they said they'd give them to me. At least all the big items made it and nothing looked damaged!

We rearranged a bit and most everything is now in the area shown in the first picture. It's pretty out of the way, but I'm itching to open everything up and build it into my dream kitchen. The cats are loving it though as perches to lay on and look out the window, and a maze to hide from Elsa in.

And here's our new bedroom rug!

Getting Elsa's leopard print wool rug for her room totally made me a rug convert. I was all about hardwood floors only for awhile (probably residual emotional scars left from Lily Mae's bulimia) but playing with a toddler means a lot of time spent on the floor and a cushy rug is just so nice to roll around on. This guy is from and is 100% wool awesomeness. It hardly sheds at all, and I got it during their 60% off sale so it ended being around $110, with free shipping! Such a deal. Looks a lot like this West Elm one that's 5x more, maybe a little fluffier.

And the kitchen faucet! I love the Delta Trinsic line a lot, and the champagne bronze is exactly the finish I was going for. I read enough bad reviews for the Touch20 model (you tap it and the water turns on) that I decided to go with the basic model. It scared me to think one of the cats could brush up against it turning it on, and then leaving it on until we noticed. We're in a drought, ain't nobody got water for that!

We got the single-handle pull-down sprayer faucet because I think we'll need the reach of the sprayer for the farmhouse sink we're getting, and I like the simplicity of the single hole and single handle.

I open the box a lot and gaze adoringly at it, whispering sweet nothings. I love you Faucet...

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