Sunday, March 24, 2013


Elsa's getting a little better about staying put and focusing on an activity so we naively thought that maybe she would sit quietly and color if she had a little table and chair set to sit at. We picked up this cute and super cheap set ($19.99 for the table and two chairs!) at IKEA (where else?) and had to rearrange the office/sewing sweat shop/playroom around to make everything fit. The bookcase got flipped and my desk is now on the other side and Elsa's table got parked right next to it. It's a good set up, I actually like it more than our second (third?) iteration of the room layout. 

Elsa also likes it and will sometimes sit at her table but not for longer than 30 seconds or so. She mostly just hovers over the table and eats the colored pencils. Oh well. 

She's still too mini now, but I see this corner of the house getting a lot of craft time action from us in the future. 

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