Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Jerod!!

The jelly to my work PB&J sandwich is celebrating his birthday today! We'll be celebrating along with him and his family, and some good friends camping up in Malibu this weekend. It's just how we roll. It's the first time Elsa and Jude are going camping, so we're hoping for the best, and bringing a ton of supplies to prepare for the worst. Fingers crossed!

Here are some favorite Jerod pictures, courtesy of the iPhoto face recognition feature:

This was one of the days we didn't carpool to work, and I think he road his bike all the way from Irvine to Long Beach. Hardcore, man.

Look how little the babies used to be! So mini.

This is how Jerod looks almost all the time. He's a grinner.

Except when he's throwing up gang signs and wearing his grill.


This looks like a cocktail, but really it was a $7 fancy juice drink at a lah-tee-dah health food joint in Newport Beach. His skin really did look amazing after he drank it though.

Arms full of babies! Super Dads, Jerod and Jeff are.

And J and the lovely K! Can't wait to celebrate with you guys over s'mores soon! Happy Birthday Jelly!

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ET said...

Gratulerer med dagen, Jerod...

Hope you all will have a fantastic camping weekend and that Jude and Elsa will be good little campers.