Sunday, August 19, 2012

Camping 2012!

Some pictures from Camping in Malibu for Jerod's birthday!

Kurtis whittled a bear out of a log. Jerod's chin fit perfectly.

Karen's sisters Danielle and Natalie (Danielle pictured here) were such an awesome help with the babies. Everyone was actually. It really takes a village. Especially when you bring 13 month old babies camping.

It was dumb of us not to buy one of these for the camping trip. We didn't really think we'd need a pack n' play (Elsa slept in between us on our sleeping bags and blankets, and did just fine) but baby jails are pretty fantastic when you're surrounded by dirt and things you don't want them eating or messing with. Luckily Jude didn't mind sharing his with Elsa.

Naps were hard to keep on schedule so we had some grumpy baby moments. The baby carriers were great for forcing the naps.

The tent was a slight refuge from the dirt and heat. Our pop-up tent was awesome though, totally came in handy. We took it with us to the beach too. Quickest way to shade 10 people!

We camped at the Leo Carrillo State Beach campground in Malibu. It was awesome. We're totally going back next year. The beach was right across the street and was very family friendly. The water was freezing but E kind of liked it. Except when Jeff dunked her naked in the ocean to get all the sand off her. She didn't cry but she was shivering! Poor baby.

I thought this guy was taking a cropped picture of us which is why I'm bent over awkwardly like that. Oh well.

Elsa was on the move practically the whole time at the beach. Jude was a good little baby and stayed put, playing with the toys and sand crabs, but Elsa was all over that beach, trying to make friends with all the littles.

And she's off!

The first time she wears jeans! How cute are those?

The boys played baseball and threw axes. Of course. We drank wine and watched.

Keeping her energy up with lots of snacks. That baby is a snacker! She mauled Jude's puffs container.

Ian and Kurtis brought guitars. It ain't camping without a bonfire jam session.

Hatchet throwing. Practicing in case a serial killer attacked in the night.

All in all, it was a success! We were only gone a day, but we came back spent and super dirty. It was a little camping with the baby test run. Elsa really was a peach through most of it though so we're encouraged to try again. Soon hopefully!

Thanks for reserving it Jerod and having a birthday for us to celebrate! Can't wait for 2013.

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