Monday, November 24, 2008

Our weekend

We're coming home soon! My brother Jan scored us a sweet Honda Odyssey to caravan Jeff and I, and Mandy and Seth up to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving. Cross you fingers for us getting good traffic and no rain for the drive!

Jeff and I had a fun weekend... I had Friday off so I crafted and made Sue a pillow! It's made with felt made out of recycled plastic bottles, and filled with a bamboo pillow. Eco-friendly! Here is a close-up:

Mandy, Jana, Matt and I went to the LA flower mart on Saturday morning to get ideas for Matt and Jana's wedding next October. I bought pretty roses.

Then Jeff and I drove down to Fallbrook to visit our good friends Matt and Joie and their baby Gillian. They took us to an amazing sushi dinner and then we rocked out to Rock Band. I learned that Jeff is a terrible singer, and I have no drumming rhythm. Go figure.

Then yesterday was Jeff's Open House at the Art Center. This is the third time he has taught the Comic Book class at the Art Center for kids, and again, it was an awesome show. The kids collaborated on this huge mural AND each did their own individual comic books. This is our friend Sue with Jeff. She helped Jeff teach the class.

After the class, we were invited over to an Art Center professor's house for a glass of wine. His son Milo was in Jeff's art class, and when we got to their amazing house in Altadena, Milo introduced us to their pets: a 21 year old tarantula, a rat, a sweet yellow lab named Zeba, and a sphynx cat! The sphynx is the granddaughter of Mr. Bigglesworth from the Austin Power's movie! For reals! They have to oil her every night to keep her moisturized. I wanted to put her in my purse and take her home with me. Jeff said no. :(

We're looking forward to being in San Jose and SF for the holiday! Give us a call if you can meet up with us!