Monday, November 17, 2008

Nola and Libby!

A few weeks ago two little kittens showed up to our doorstep and melted our hearts. They looked abandoned and not spayed so we knew we'd have to take them in and do something with them. They were the sweetest and most affectionate little monkeys we've met and had a pretty tough time deciding what to do with them. Jeff immediately wanted to keep them, but after thinking it through and realizing our kitty Lily Mae would not be thrilled with the idea, and the responsibility that more cats than humans in a house entails, we felt that we had to find them another home. They love each other so much though and we were afraid a shelter would split them up, but then our friend Erika put us in touch with her friends from Santa Barbara who just so happened to be in the market for a pair of totally awesome kittens. Jesse and Leia braved the smoky roads and made the trip down yesterday and instantly fell in love with the kitties. We in turn fell in love with them over dinner, and we're thrilled to bits that the kittens found such good and loving new parents. Time for pictures!!

Erika, Mandy, and the kitten formally known as Meezer/Vanessa (now Nola):

Seth and the kitten formally known as Fluffer (now Libby):

Being rascally:

New parents Jesse and Leia, going home with the furballs:


Halker said...

so cute! can't believe you let them go! Or your Mom didn't scoop them up.

superior said...