Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Oh Georgia... you were just as country as I hoped! We drank with the cows, ate grits and fried green tomatoes, got Piggly Wiggly shirts (thanks David!!), and saw one of my bestest friends get married while wearing jeans!

Surprise of all surprises, Brooke and David told us the night we got in that they were getting married down at the Rabun County Courthouse the next day and we were going to be their witnesses! I was planning on spending at least one day convincing them that our trip was the PERFECT time for them to get hitched (we've all known for months that they are soul mates destined to spend the rest of their lives together and Brooke ain't no girly girl that wanted a big princess wedding so a courthouse was expected- although I wanted her in a 50's dress with a pillbox hat but I guess that's not very country), but they saved me the trouble! 

We marched down there in the morning with their girls in tow (David has two girls, ages 4 and 7, from a previous marriage so Brookie became a step-mommy too!) and wham-bam-marry them-ma'am they were husband and wife! 


The new Hopkins family, girls being excited little whackadoos:

We went to brunch to celebrate, and then over to Brooke's new-old place which will be the cats' house for the next month until they do the full move. Combining the families gives them FIVE cats (!!) and two dogs. Good thing they're in the country!

This is Brooke's view from her old front porch:

Here's Jeff holding Zeus, Brooke's massive cat:


I guess September is caterpillar season in Georgia? These little guys were all over the roads, and everyone swerves to avoid squishing them.

Kitty! This is David's cat Tinkerbell renamed Kitty. She was tiny and adorable, albeit a little sassy. She needs to be sassy to hold her own though amongst the Hopkins' menagerie.

Gin & tonics, cows, purple pants and my Brooke. Happy times.

Parker (Jackson) keeping an eye on the cows at their fence line:

We got a quick tour of B&D's school where they teach, it's a beautiful school and I'm tempted to ship Elsa off to them for high school. Just kidding! I plan on being all up in Elsa's business when she's a t'nager and that'll be hard to accomplish from across the country.

There's Brooke, always honorable!

Sigh. Baby Bruce Jenner. Jeff's new glimpse of crazy. Follow Baby Bruce on his adventures through Instagram @babybrucejenner.  

BBJ crossing the state lines!

From our day in Asheville, North Carolina:

SUCH a great trip, thanks for hosting us Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins! We miss you and all your babies already, and can't wait to see you in the summer! Our offer still stands to take the girls to Disneyland while you drink margaritas and eat chilaquiles at El Ranchito! It'll be our early anniversary present to you. :)

And another huge thank you to my parents who flew down to Long Beach to stay with our little munchkin while we were away! I think this pretty much sums up how their weekend was:

I-keem! And beach time. Thank you Marmie and Grandpa!! Happy birthday Dad!!

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Brooke said...

This is suuuuch a sweet post. We are so glad you made the trip, and we already miss you so much. We Hopkinses were so honored to have you share our special day, and we can't wait to see you this summer. XOXO