Monday, December 8, 2008

Yay for Crismis!

So I normally do not get into the Christmas decorating spirit. Christmas lights? Yeah, can I have a higher electricity bill and another thing to remember to turn off before I go to bed? No thanks. Christmas tree? Yes, please, because I would love to clean up even more puke puddles from Lily Mae, even if they smell like pine. But something came across me this weekend... Maybe it was the ornament Sue bought for Jeff and me for our first Christmas together (married), maybe it was me missing Jeff and wanting to make the house all homey and warm for him to return to. Either way.... I got crafty.

This is my take on an artsy christmas tree. It hangs our ornaments, was free (I snapped branches off a tree from our front yard), and I challenge Lily Mae to try eating it.

If you look closer, you can see ornaments that I made from leftover wedding fabric scraps, a squirrel ornament my mommy made me, the ornament that Sue got us, and my cholo Bob's big boy ornament.

Because the sticks don't really smell (good), and I'm like my dad, it doesn't feel Christmasy until I'm hit with a strong smell of pine. Pine-sol won't cut it for me so I bought a wreath. Trader Joe's, deal and a half. I went to Armstrong's nursery and they had the exact same ones on sale for $24.99, twice as much as TJ's. Psssh... Lily Mae was watching me from the stairwell the whole time I decorated. If only I could put those opposable thumbs of hers to work...

Happy Holidays!