Thursday, May 1, 2008

they're out!

So I heard from my brother Jan and friend Gina yesterday that they got their invitations in the mail! Yay USPS! It made me so nervous leaving them in the hands of these salty old men that were working at the post office that day that gave me a hard time about requesting the stamps to be hand cancelled. I thought they'd throw in the trash as soon as I was out the door! So 2 down, 164 to go. Check your mailboxes!!


Brooke said...

Got mine too! Those salty men even got 'em all the way out here to Jersey. And they're beautiful!

seth said...

We got our's too! It looks great! Which post office did you go to? The one in Irvine, off Jamboree, is totally sketchy.

Liv said...

that was the one! salty old men!